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ATTEX is a scientific company which specializes in remote sensing technologies and its utilization in both fundamental and applied investigation areas. Usage of new techniques allows to create progressive equipment for monitoring atmospheric parameters.

Huge experience had been put in to perfection of passive radiometric devices. Now ATTEX is a leader in Russian production of passive radiometric methods of atmosphere observing.

Now ATTEX successfully working on the perfection of products and aspire to intend innovation technologies!

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Research and Production Organization ATTEX (RPO ATTEX)

ZIP/Postal code:141707
City:Moscow region, Dolgoprudny
Address:Likhachevsky drive, h. 4, building 1, room 13, floor 3.
  • Evgeny Miller -> +7(916) 870-58-56
  • Yury Agapov -> +7 (985) 428-27-51, +7(916)131-97-86
  • Evgeny Kadygrov -> +7(916) 750-50-73
  • Raisa Sheblayeva -> +7(963) 682-31-70

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Research and Production Organization ATTEX, RPO ATTEX, ATTEX, remote sensing technologies, monitoring atmospheric parameters, radiometric devices

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