Kipp & Zonen Devices

Kipp & Zonen provides class-leading instruments for measuring solar radiation and atmospheric properties in Meteorology, Climatology, Hydrology, Industry, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and Public Health.

Kipp & Zonen is the specialist in the measurement of solar and sky radiation, from the ultraviolet to the far infrared. We offer a complete range of high quality instrumentation and accessories, from reliable cost-effective products to the best performance available. Kipp & Zonen pyranometers, for example, are used in meteorological networks around the world.

Furthermore, Kipp & Zonen expertise and close links with the scientific community have led to high-end solutions for the measurement of atmospheric properties such as stratospheric Ozone, UV Spectra and evapo-transpiration.

Kipp & Zonen mission is to satisfy the fundamental need to monitor atmospheric properties related to climate change, classical meteorology, agriculture, renewable energy and the available water budget.

Kipp & Zonen

As an official Dealer of Kipp & Zonen in Russia RPO ATTEX offers all spectrum of Kipp & Zonen devices.
They are:

Solar inctruments :
  •      Pyranometers
  •      Pyrgeometers
  •      Pyrheliometers
  •      Sun Trackers
  •      Albedometers
  •      UV Radiometers
  •      Net Radiometers
  •      Horticultural Sensors
  •      Sunshine Duration Sensors
  •      Laboratory Termopile
  •      Data Loggers
  •      Accesories

Atmospheric Science Instruments:
  •      Brewer Spectrophotometer
  •      Scintillometers
  •      Scientific Solar Monitoring Station
  •      Sky Radiometers
  •      Sun Photometers
  •      Calibration Facility