- April 2016 - R.P.O. "ATTEX" has taken part in work of the 14-th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment April 11-14, Espoo, Finland. Two reports have been submitted :

  • Kadygrov E., Kuznetsova I., Miller E., Brusova N. Application of microwave temperature profilers data for urban atmospheric boundary layer processes study and forecasting.
  • Miller E., Kadygrov E., Ganshin E.,Ilyin G.,Troitsky A., Knyazev A. Complex experiment of terrestrial microwave radiometric system data validation for atmospheric measurement.

- May 2016 - R.P.O. "ATTEX" has taken part in work of the All-Russian Armandovsky readings.

Conferences, symposiums, exhibitions

- 4-9 July 2016 - the XXV All-Russian scientific conference "Distribution of Radio Waves", Tomsk, Russia ( ).